The Online Trust Alliance helps enhance online trust and empower users, while promoting innovation and the vitality of the internet.  OTA is a global organization supported by over 100 organizations.  OTA hired Aeronet in early 2014 to rethink, redesign and rebuild their website after many years living with an outdated and disorganized site.  Aeronet was also asked to ensure the new site was 100% compatible with the most popular mobile devices.


Because the initial website used no content management system, Aeronet was able to conceive of a website organizational structure from the ground up.  Without any CMS to impose at least some organizing guidelines, the large amount of content from the original site needed very flexible and powerful organizational mechanisms.

our solution

Together with OTA, Aeronet selected Drupal 7 to provide a system that could meet these needs. The new website makes extensive use of Drupal's "views" and "taxonomy" systems to enable content to be visible in various places, while being grouped according to OTA's requirements. We also implemented a custom Drupal theme that provides robust mobile compatibility. 


The Online Trust Alliance website was completed on time and was online to support OTA's participation in critical congressional hearings in Washington, D.C. Use of the website is higher than ever and search engines are ranking the site quite well.